Health Science Essentials (HSE) - Summer Boot Camp

Health Science  Essentials (HSE) Pre-College Program for Careers in the Medical Field - June 12th through August 9th

Why Take Health Science  Essentials (HSE)?

This course is for individuals who want to become a nurse, radiologist, community health worker, nutritionist, and any other career in the health care field. All of these careers require you to start by taking college courses in biology, anatomy, physiology, chemistry, and psychology, and complete these courses with a grade of B or better.

Our Health Science Essentials course will help prepare students to succeed in these college-level science courses. You will...

  • Learn foundational concepts in the eleven organ systems, body functions & structure
  • Attain memory recall in medical terminology & body systems.
  • Gain an understanding of health care standards of professionalism.

Class Fee: $60.00 (Free for youth ages 18-24). 

Pre-requisites: Read at 8th grade level or higher & Computer Skills. Age 18 or out of high school.

Class Schedule:
Mon 8:30-10:15 (lecture)  + 10:30-2:30 (study lab)
Tues  8:30-11:30 (lecture)  + Homework
Wed 8:30-11:30 (lecture) | 11:45-1:45 (study lab)

How to Enroll

  1. Click here to download the flyer and here to download the application
  2. Contact our school office to sign up for one of the following CTE Assessment & Placement meetings
  • May 15th at 6:00pm
  • May 30th at 10:45am or 6:00pm
  • June 5th at 10:45am or 6:00pm
  • June 8th at 10:45am or 6:00pm

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