Health & Human Services Overview

Residential & In-Home Health Care Training  

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Patient Navigator & Intro to Community Health Worker Training—Starting  Fall 2017


Exploration & Introduction to Health & Human Services Careers, $15.00

In this course you will  explore various careers in the health & human services career pathway, learn how to get started in them, and learn vocabulary, soft skills, and math skills used in professions such as caregivers, nursing assistants, medical assistants, pharmacy technicians, paramedics, community health workers, social workers and more.



Patient Lifting & Hoyer Lift Training, $25.00

According to the FDA, patient falls from lifts may cause injuries including head trauma, fractures and death. Whether you’re an in-home caregiver or working in a residential facility, this 1-hour training will help you build your skills!


Continuing Education Units CEUs (on campus)

  • Client’s Rights & Incident/Injury Reporting (4 CEUs)
  • Infectious Disease Control/Universal Precaution (4 CEUs)
  • Medication Administration (8 CEUs)  


First Aid & CPR First Aid, Adult and Child CPR Course, 2 year certification, $55.00

This EMS Safety class teaches the skills of CPR and First Aid for infants, children and adults. It includes the ABCs of resuscitation - `airway, breathing, and circulation, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), the manual application of chest compressions and ventilations, and how to respond to a medical emergency.


Effective Communication & Conflict Management in Care Facilities 

Sometimes caregivers need a little reminder of things they can do to have better relationships with their clients/residents. This skill-builder course will provide current caregivers with useful techniques for effective communication, anger de-escalation, and hospitality & customer service skills specifically tailored to this industry.


Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam Test Prep, $45 + $29

Students will receive instructor-led, guided practice to help them prepare for the 90 question Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE). You can learn more about the exam at Students should have experience as a Pharm Tech or completion of Pharm Tech training w/internship.


Looking for Clinical Medical Assisting (CMA), Certified Nursing Assistant (CAN) or Pharmacy Technician (PT)?

Due to regional consortia partnerships, we will not offer Clinical Medical Assistant (CMA), Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), or Pharmacy Technician (PT).

  • For CMA -- Chabot College, Castro Valley or San Leandro Adult
  • For CNA -- San Leandro Adult
  • For PT -- San Leandro Adult or Mission Valley ROP