Business, Technology & Computer Support

MS Word, Google Docs & Internet Research for Health & Human Services, $30.00

Use the internet to research health & human services topics, create reports using MS Word and Google docs, share & collaborate via email and Google docs. This class is a component of the Health & Human Services program; but is open to all. This class is NOT for beginners. *** ADD Career Skills Center Lab for just $10.00 more.

Career Skills Center Lab

(Self-Paced/Independent),  $20.00 (or $10.00 if combined with another course) - Students will work independently  on Keyboarding, 10-key, data entry; your personal résumé, job search, job applications; college and financial aid applications, or take any college & career related online course.  Enroll anytime for the full fee.

Basic Computers I, Keyboarding |$30.00

Learn a variety of keyboarding tasks, and will participate in weekly, instructor-led mini-lessons to learn beginning computer commands. ** Placement Testing NOT required for this class  *** ADD Career Skills Center Lab for just $10.00 more .

Coming Fall 2017 – IT Bridge to Ohlone College! – Student will get some basic IT Essentials skills, learn more about Operating Systems, gain customer services skills, and gain college prep skills. We’ll then help you transition directly into Ohlone’s CNET 105 - IT Essentials (CompTIA A+) – course!


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