CTE Overview

We're working to re-build our Career Training program and plan to have even more NEW and INNOVATIVE training opportunities for you real soon

Our SMART Goal for 2017


By June 2017, New Haven Adult School’s CTE program will provide stakeholders with student achievement data on:

  • The number of students who completed all requirements for the Residential & In-Home Care Training program, have received job offers, and accepted work;
    The number of students who have used a Learning Management System (Moodle or other) to take a NHAS course.


Career & Technical Education Program Student Learning Outcomes

 Students will…


  • Set career goals to gain relevant skills for work and demonstrate progress towards them
  • Use computer and technology as a tool to research, organize, and communicate information, as well as a tool for learning
  • Demonstrate an increased awareness of the soft-skills most desired by employers




Career Pathways In Place and In Progress

Patient Navigator & Community Health Worker
Hospitality Careers
Customer Service Representative


Other courses include:

College Preparation for Adults
Computer & Digital Technology Skills for College Students
English for Custodians & Hospitality Wokers
English for Caregiviers
English for Technology Careers
and more...