Residential & In-Home Health Care Training | Next Class Starts June 2017

Health Science Essentials (HSE) - Summer Boot Camp

Health Science  Essentials (HSE) Pre-College Program for Careers in the Medical Field - June 12th through August 9th

Why Take Health Science  Essentials (HSE)?

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Career Skills Center Independent Learning | June 12- August 9th | Afternoons: Mon-Wed | Evening: Tuesday

The Career Skills Center Lab gives students an opportunity to work independently on skills and tasks necessary achieve achiever your college and career goals. 

 (Placement assessment IS required)

Enrollment is on-going!
If Keyboarding only, placement assessment NOT required
Some online courses require an additional
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High School Diploma & GED Prep - Summer Classes - June 19-July 27

Summer Classes Start June 19

Registration is June 13th and June 14th. Contact for more details.

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